During the course of our life, we will meet a lot of different people. With them, we will form some sort of relationship or bond. These people maybe our friends, classmates, co-workers and girlfriend/boyfriend. Of all the relationship we formed with these people, nothing is as important and as unbreakable as our family ties. The family is the most important relationship we have that molds us into the kind of person that we are today.

For a lot of people, the family is the center of their life. It is where there day begins and ends. It is the foundation of all people because the family they came from usually reflects their personality and disposition in life. Our parents and siblings as well as our grandparents are the people who are there in our happiest days and worst moments. They give support, love and care unconditionally. Of course, there are times that you don’t understand each other, but those misunderstandings don’t break the ties the family has woven in all its members.

The family is home. It is mutual affection and trust to each other that hold and bind the family members even in the most trying times. It is where as individuals and as a child we first learn to accept ourselves, learn to trust, learn to love and care and to finally learn to spread and give all these values to other people too.

As for children, the family is the determinant of their emotional, psychological and educational behavior. The type of family background affects how they act, think, socialize and learn. Children who live in an abusive home becomes abusive themselves, but when children live in a family that loves and supports each other, they too learn to love and care for other people.

As evidenced by all these, family and home are truly an important relationship in a child’s life. As parents, it is imperative that they give time, love, care and support to their children to help them grow into the kind of person he should be. Nowadays, young generations consider their family as burdens. These people do not realize that it is family that molded them and made them strong so they can stand up in the face of failure and adversaries.

Though it may be the case, the family is still there to shelter them and protect them whenever they can’t take it anymore. It is our relationship with the family that makes a better person and makes us feel good about ourselves despite what other people may say to us. Truly, the family is a blessing to us all.

In certain countries, especially in smaller villages and cities families have very close ties to each other. Their priorities are the family and its members. It is important for them to rear the child in an environment that is safe and secure in order for them to grow as individuals with a strong sense of belonging and self-confidence.