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Positive Parenting Proposed

All parents need a little advice about parenting. Even experienced mothers and fathers still need it. They all need some advice in one way or another because children are not all the same. They are different from each other not just physically, but also in a lot of aspects. They have different needs and different ways on how to handle them. They’ll need advice on such things as discipline, homework and other difficult stuffs like alcohol, tobacco and sex. Family has been making headlines especially with bullying, abuse and cases of violence.

Sometimes, parenting can be really tough. Parents and their children often find themselves shouting at each other at the top of their lungs. Parents find it hard to understand their children and so are children to their parents. Their differences in age and disposition often get the best of them. Parents most of the time just don’t take time to understand and see their children’s perspectives. Children, on the other hand, are also difficult to deal with.

Due to this parenting situation, parenting experts and child psychologists propose positive parenting so that parents and their children will be able to better understand one another. This is a way for parents to have a peaceful relationship with their children and for cooperation to be present in the child’s disposition. Positive parenting aims to create within the family a sense of awareness that will help children grow with care, love and respect so that they will be taken away from all types of abuse.

Positive parenting is the way the parents or guardians act towards their children or ward. It is behaving in a way that prioritizes the children’s interests, hobbies and likes to help them grow free from any kind of violence. It is parenting in which the children grow in a healthy and conducive environment.  This type of parenting involves techniques that are all about love, encouragement, assertive discipline, respect and care all in a positive environment.

In positive parenting, children grow to be disciplined and secured and with good self-esteem. Children who live with criticism, hostility, fear, pity, ridicule, shame and jealousy often learn to become unsure of themselves, they learn to condemn other people, they become violent and they lose their sense of self. Children should never be subjected to these kinds of abuse. They should be loved, cared for and appreciated, so they learn to feel good about themselves, to trust and respect other people. Children’s rights should also be safeguarded. It is the parents’ role to protect their child’s rights and they should be there to guide their children when taking decisions.

Positive parenting has been proposed and to be embedded in their culture in order to empower parents in participating in the upbringing of their children. Governments have launched a wide spread awareness and education of positive parenting to help families become more involved in raising their children in a positive and healthy environment.  By implementing this parenting method, children will have a better chance of growing in a society that will understand and accept them as they are.


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