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Styles of parenting

Styles of Parenting

The most important teacher in a child’s life is his parents. Children need someone to discipline them and the role is best played by parents. There are three basic styles of parenting.


This parenting style allows the child to have control.  Usually, there are not many rules and if there are, these are often very lenient. Broken rules are frequently not recognized and punishment is not enforced. Parents using this style believe that their child has to be a free thinker, learn for themselves and explore the world without being restricted by strict schedules and rules. Permissive parenting often offers a lot of warmth and affection. Its downside, however, is that the child doesn’t realize that rules are sometimes needed. For them, regardless of what they do, they won’t face any consequences. This can result in permanent rebellion against any kind of structure or rule.


The authoritarian style of parenting gives entire control to the parents. Strict schedules and rules must be followed. The child is ruled by his parents with an iron fist and punishment is given when a rule is broken. Its disadvantage, however, is that it usually doesn’t offer a lot of warmth of affection. Authoritarian is the total opposite of the permissive parenting style. As children raised with this style of parenting are usually not permitted to make decisions by themselves or think freely, they often grow up having problems with thinking on their own.


This parenting style is a combination of the permissive and authoritarian parenting styles. Parents will set the necessary rules and implement them, but they’ll also consider every situation. The parents and the child usually discuss the consequence of breaking a rule. Parents using this parenting style want to make sure that their children understand why some actions are unacceptable and why there are rules. Democratic parenting allows children to know when they’re doing well and when they’re doing bad, ensuring they understand why it’s improper. With this style of parenting, the children and the parents work together. Children grow up with respect to their parents and the ability to deal with problems rationally.

Which Parenting Style is Better?

Every parenting style has its benefits and downsides. The permissive parenting style allows parents to do whatever they what as they’re not constantly monitoring their children. The family can do their own activities, but this can lead to separation over time as every member develops his own life apart from the family. Authoritarian parenting makes the children well behaved and respectful. The parents won’t experience a lot of stress and problems.

Democratic parenting needs lots of work, with parents having to constantly deal with and talk to their children to keep every member involved. Parenting is never easy. Some parents exert a lot of effort to maintain the parenting style they picked. Others choose a style that fits their life and their belief. As long as children are happy, healthy and taken care of, parents can choose whatever style of parenting they think is best.




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